Eating Fresh

VegetablesFor those of you who live in the Midwest like me – Summer means FRESH fruit and vegetables! I have been especially enjoying the tomatoes and peaches. The Farmer’s Markets in Chicago are full of local produce. Have you eaten a tomato this time of year? As opposed to when they are baseballs in the Fall?

Eating local and organic is good for a number of reasons:

Local means:

  1. Less carbon footprint from farm to your table – select items 150 miles or less from your home
  2. Supporting local farmers and their business
  3. Fresh picked – less time from farm to your table
  4. Buy in season – if it isn’t don’t buy it – we’ll survive

Organic means:

  1. No pesticides – better for you, the environment and farmer
  2. No hormones used in the growing process – who needs more hormones in their body
  3. Not genetically modified – I like my apples the way they were in the Garden of Eden and my heirloom tomatoes!
  4. Smaller farms – I like to think more TLC

So what does this have to do with non-profit management or fundraising? It is about doing good for your community, environment and yourself.

MPj04364910000[1]Think about it:
Bite into a fresh tomato off the vine
Smell a fresh picked, soft peach
Berries still warm from the sun
Fresh snappy asparagus steamed
Salad of fresh greens

Go 24 hours without eating process foods…just fresh food. Enjoy every bite, pay attention. It’s a good thought for everything – work, love and food. It’s good for you, your local farmer and community. Make a difference by deciding what you eat, where you buy it, who you buy it from.

Eat well. Be well.

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