Copenhagen Climate Change Conference – Why you should care!

Copenhagen will be a busy place on December 7-18. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will bring together world leaders and their representatives to create a comprehensive, ambitious and fair climate change deal (COP 15).

The overall goal for the COP 15 meeting is to establish an ambitious global climate agreement for the period from 2012 when the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol expires.
For more than ten years this group has been talking about reductions in global warming, the Kyoto Protocol was signed by some but not all and Clean Development Mechanisms have reports since they began. It has been ten years – this must be the year they come to agreement and to be sure there is no gap when the Kyoto Protocol ends! Our voices are important to the outcome of COP 15 or another ten years will pass and the Earth will continue to suffer.

 No matter where we live, our leaders, elected or otherwise, have appointed representatives to attend COP 15. The United Nations system includes specialized agencies and nonprofits that will be observing and lobbying outside of official proceedings. There are many opportunities to have our voices heard. If you care about global climate change – Let those attending COP 15 know what you think:

  • Call/Email/Fax local representatives and tell them we care about the climate now and for generations that follow. See Visible Vote to see how your US representative votes and acts on climate change issues.
  • Support a nonprofit who is attending COP 15 or a local environmental NGO working to make positive change in our environment. Write a letter, volunteer or make a contribution.
  • Use the social media to draw attention and share opinions – use our blogs, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts to make our voices heard and share it with our friends and followers. Ask them to do the same. Respond to blogs about climate change, leave comments and share posts you find interesting or informative.
  • Use traditional media to get our opinion heard. Write letters to the editor, respond to articles, call press conferences in conjunction with COP 15 events, happenings and announcements.

WE CAN make a difference! This is the time to make our voices heard, engage others to do the same and be sure we are heard above the politics of climate change to protect generations that follow.

Next post – What we can do locally to lower our impact on global warming.

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