In this season of need and giving back, showing gladitude is important too! I think especially in the history making economy in which we are living.

I am glad to have a roof over my head and food in my kitchen. I downsized this year, but still have a place to call home. I know many in America are struggling to keep their homes, are homeless (think about that word home-less – to be without a home – really without a home.) I am committed to helping the Streetwise gentleman at my subway stop. You can give or help someone in your hood.

I am glad I have my dog Feebee. I adopted Feebee four years ago and cannot imagine getting through the past year without her. She makes me smile every day. I support Best Friends Animal Shelter because no animal should suffer from neglect. Shame on Michael Vick and all those like him…so much education to do. Adopt an animal, volunteer or make a gift.

I am glad for all my friends who stand by me in thick and thin and only hope I give back to them in equal or better proportion. I make sure to tell them how important they are to me. Tell your friends the same.

Those are my three big gladitudes. What are yours? Be sure to share some gladness with people you know; strangers who may need some; and it will be returned to you many times over.

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2 thoughts on “Gladitude

  1. Glad to have Barbara’s wisdom available online. Thanks for the uplifting tome!

    I need to remind myself that this year’s economic bludgeoning nonetheless afforded the time I’d not normally have had to attend to the profound needs of loved ones that unexpectedly arose this year. I’m grateful I could be there fully for them.

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