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In Part 1 I discussed Fat Cyclist’s ability to raise more than $100,000 reaching out to people/friends who know and followed him via social media and his blog. The new best practice in donor cultivation and solicitation. Use the tools of now to reach prospects you didn’t know about.

Congratulations are due to GiveForward for helping others raise more than $1,000,000 for their friends and family in need as well as nonprofit organizations! Started just 18 months ago, GiveForward has helped people raise more than a million dollars through individual, group and nonprofit causes. From helping families raise money for organ transplants or cancer treatment to teams raising money to support libraries and nonprofit organizations, GiveForward has harnessed the people give to people practice full throttle.

With GiveForward, individuals and groups can create a personal fundraising page for ANY person, cause or non-profit they care about and collect donations from friends and family all over the world. They have also formed partnerships with nonprofits like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Colon Cancer Alliance and many others. While most nonprofit cancer organizations are not in a position to directly provide funds for each patient, they can now direct the patient or patient’s family and friends to GiveForward. Again people give to people and through a secure portal they can trust and with resources and tips to be successful.

Their work is the ultimate of people giving to people. A family in a health crisis reaches out or their friends pick up the cause for them. A nonprofit with donors who want to help use GiveForward to reach their friends, asking for their support. A cause can go viral as people pass along a message or request that touches them. GiveForward has harnessed the power of the Internet and social media to engage people in fundraising…because people give to people.

Many thanks and high-fives to Desiree Vargas and Ethan Austin for founding GiveForward, pursuing their quest and allowing people to make a difference everyday.

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