Passionate About….

Inspired by Tamar Weinberg Techipedia blog – 11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blog(ger)s. Thanks so much!

Successful people I know in the nonprofit sector are passionate. Every day at nonprofit organizations staff, volunteers and Board members are changing lives and saving lives. Sometimes it’s hard, thankless work. But we aren’t working or volunteering in the sector for the thanks (or the pay). So the only thing that can keep us going is our belief in the mission and our passion to give back and make the world a better place.

What makes me passionate about working in the nonprofit sector?

  • The true, honest belief that we are making a difference…a significant difference for and with people and community
  • Talking with Board members and watching the light go on when they “get it.”
  • Empowering and encouraging a great for-profit leader to move over to the nonprofit sector
  • Playing match maker between a nonprofit and a corporate partner/prospect
  • Connecting people
  • Cultivating and soliciting the right donor for the right gift at the right time
  • Helping a nonprofit raise money and build their capacity to do more good
  • Facilitating a workshop and watching the light bulbs go on really brightly

What makes me passionate?

  • Rescue animals – What is a fate worse than death? – Being beaten or abused….
  • Food…Food…Food…Food – All kinds of foods, from everywhere, organic, hand-made with love and passion
  • Cooking for friends – yes I know, more food, but from my heart to them
  • Travel – In and out of North America. All about the people, food again, culture and place
  • Fall, Spring and Summer in Chicago
  • Being as eco-friendly as possible
  • Connecting people

What is your passion? What makes you passionate? Have you connected with your passion? Everyday? I try to practice my passion with intention – okay I started Yoga again. J

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