Creating Energy

I have written, talked and facilitated workshops on this topic. But my conversation with Natalie Goldfein from Inspiring Leadership Partners…well inspired me to get some more energy in my life. Many people say I am pretty energetic and have plenty – but Natalie and I were talking about vibrations, smiles, stuff that creates an inner energy or more personal energy that keeps you up and going internally – all the more to give forward. And I think I do a pretty good job, but let me tell you a couple SMALL things I did to create even more energy.

Natalie and I talked awhile ago about how the news is a real downer. That listening and watching can put you in a state of mind that may not contribute to positive energy. I am an admitted NPR junkie and donor. My day starts with morning news and more likely than not continues with NPR programming throughout the day. Thank goodness for The Story, This American Life and other “human interest” programming in addition to the news. I had a habit of listening when I walked the dog in the morning. I would listen to live news or a podcast of a program. Talk radio all the way.

Now, the dog walk in the morning is my favorite. Quiet city, beautiful more recently with the cherry trees in bloom, iPhone at the ready, I have been stopping to literally smell the blossoms and take some photos…all while someone from NPR is talking in my ear. I found myself trying to enjoy the environment and then realizing I wasn’t paying attention to what had been said, hit rewind and listened again. This was happening more and more frequently as the weather got better.

Then I chatted with Natalie during my Making a Difference radio program. We talked about music and the power it has to create positive energy.

My iPhone and iTunes has weeks of music on it. When I talked with Natalie, I didn’t know the last time I had listened to any of it. So I made a decision to stop listening to talk radio (sorry NPR but action had to be taken) and pump up the volume on the music. Oh my goodness! I highly recommend this – I am sure  you already actually LISTEN TO MUSIC on your portable music device? What a concept!!! J

What a concept especially when:

  • The sun is shining
  • The scent of cherry and lilac trees wafts through I pass by
  • Everyone I encounter smiles cause I am smiling
  • I am dance-walking
  • My dog makes even the most dower person crack a smile.

I am blasting the music. Realizing quickly the value of a Karaoke bar and how people get so good (or bad) at it and who cares either way.

So I share with you Playlist #1 – more sharing in the weeks ahead.

  • I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
  • You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
  • Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  • Crazy on You – Heart
  • Hometown Glory – Adele
  • Smooth – Santana
  • Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
  • What a Girl Wants – Christina Aquilera
  • Bye Bye Bye – Back Street Boys

Rock on!

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