Strategic Job Seeking – a Chat with Karen Alphonse

Are you looking for a job? Are you a nonprofit organization looking for great leaders? Take a listen to Making a Difference radio conversation with Karen Alphonse, Executive Consultant, Boy does she know what she’s talking about!

Let’s see where to start? How about a highlight reel:

When the search seems to be taking forever:

  • Learn to cultivate resilience
  • The search is not personal to you – the organization is working through stuff
  • Take the time for personal, emotional care so you can be at your best

Job search strategy:

  • Focus your search
  • Resist the urge to apply for everything and anything
  • Get to know the organizations in which you are interested
    • Get an informational interview through your network
    • Volunteer
    • Show up and look around
    • Look at the culture of the organization
  • Follow your passion
  • Do your research – access 990s, website, annual reports

Employers have shifting protocols:

  • Long interview process – want to hedge and rationalize their choices
  • Possibly more comfortable with an inside candidate because of culture fit
  • Instead of 90-day probation – hire as a consultant for a trial period
  • Reluctant to invest in the wrong choice

Your resume should:

  • Be a Word photograph of you
  • Evoke your energy, passion, priorities
  • Show the authentic you
  • Use active verbs

And there was so much more. If this has your interest, listen here! Thanks, Karen for the great information and your time!

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