People Give to People Redux – via GiveForward & Ketchum

In a previous post, I wrote how Fat Cyclist took people to people fundraising online to raise money. My conversation on Making a Difference radio with Ethan Austin of GiveForward and Kristina Carlson of Ketchum brought new light to this tried and true fundraising-ism. We talked about how old fundraising truths work with new fundraising methods.

GiveForward helps people raise money for people, causes and actions in which they believe. In a short 18 months, GiveForward has helped others raise more than $1.4M. Many giving opportunities through GiveForward are not tax-deductible – friends and family are raising money to help defray medical costs for a catastrophic illness or support someone’s dream to help others. Other folks raise money for nonprofit organizations, which is tax-deductible. We know utilizing the tax code is the last reason donors give. GiveForward’s program is proving this research and that people give to people.

“At GiveForward, we’re not asking you to change the whole world all by yourself. But we do believe that everyone has the ability to change someone’s world. Whether you’re a small nonprofit raising funds to build a school in Africa, an individual running a race to raise money for your favorite charity, or simply chipping in so your neighbor can pay for unexpected medical expenses your efforts can make someone’s life a lot better.”

During our conversation, Kristina commented that GiveForward is a new fundraising tool that takes people give to people to a new level. Friends don’t have to wait for a nonprofit letter asking for support. Individuals can make a difference when, where and how they like. When individuals are motivated by a cause or passion that moves them, GiveForward allows them to act immediately. People respond because – people give to people and because they are asked.

While there are many new (online) tools, that empower individuals to raise money and make a difference, fundraising best practices still apply. GiveForward offers three simple fundraising tips we can all do well to remember:

  1. Personalize your message – sending a blast email will not be as effective as a personalized appeal
  2. Promote your fundraising – The center of your circle of influence (family and closest friends) will respond early and more generously and thus encourage others when they see what others have given.
  3. Be persistent – Don’t give up, you need to lather, rinse and repeat to reach your goal.

Many thanks to Ethan and Kristina for taking the time to share their thoughts and wisdom. If you would like to listen to the a podcast of this Making a Difference radio program, click here.

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