Target Offers Grants for Reading Programs


Target has announced their 2011 reading grant program. Deadline to apply is May 27th.


  • School or nonprofit based program based in:
    • Portland
    • Detroit
    • Chicago
    • Seattle
    • Kansas City
    • During or after school
    • K-3 students

Through their reading grants, Target wants to improve K-3 student’s access to quality reading opportunities. Criteria includes:

  • Reading at School – Reading materials, reading programming in the classroom and teacher development for reading instruction and intervention
  • Reading out of School – Reading focused extended learning time and parent and community engagement focused on reading support

How to Apply:

Target reading grant applications* are being accepted April 15 – May 27, 2011. The application deadline is May 27, 2011. You can access an application using the following link:

Apply as a 501(c)(3):

Apply as a school, library or public agency:

*All sections of the application must be complete for consideration.

If you are unable to open these links, copy and paste the entire URL above into the address line of your Internet browser. As always, Target grants are one-time gifts.

If you have any questions about the application process you may contact Laverne McCartney-Knighton, Target Community Relations.  If you experience technical difficulties, please call 1-800-388-6740.

Tell them you received this information from me! Good luck and get our children reading early through programs that make a difference!

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