Giving USA 2011 Report – How will you use it?

Fundraising professionals and some savvy donors know this report is published every June and adjusted in October. This year the report has received much press coverage from front page to page 2 in newspapers nationwide. Our donors and volunteers are reading about this report RIGHT NOW!

I know the statistical analysis is filling the blogs and news. While the statistics, look backs and information are interesting – it is how you use the information that really makes it a useful cultivation and solicitation tool. Here are some ideas:

  • June 29 I will be facilitating a (free) webcast on engaging your nonprofit Board in fundraising. I will spend some time talking about how to use this information help you help the Board raise money. To register or for more information click here.
  • Share the information in your nonprofit communication channels with your commentary. This shows transparency and thoughtful leadership. Posting in the news section of the website, enews, and perhaps an email blast.
  • Talk about it internally to EVERYONE – not just the development staff. Everyone on staff should be aware and understand the report. Remember EVERYONE on staff is a fundraiser.
  • Can your organization be the person of record for your local news to talk about the report and how the community is reflected (or not) in the report information?
  • Pen a letter to the editor from your Executive Director and/or Board Chair about the impact of the report and how nonprofits in your community relate the report – what it means locally.
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits and corporate partners to place an ad in your local paper about the report and what it means, thank everyone for their support – use it as an opportunity for awareness, thought leadership, upbeat news.
  • Talk to donors about the report – their feedback, knowledge, concerns or lack thereof will build affinity with them.
  • Host an information session for volunteers and donors about the report.
  • Be sure to include this information when hosting a planned giving workshop.

How will you be using the report internally and externally?

You can download a free copy of the Giving USA Executive Summary here.

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