National Coming Out Day!

Today is an important day, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual – no matter your color, religion or geography. What will you do today to make a difference? The Human Rights Campaign has created an app and more you can use to spread the message and participate.

I started my day like any other – walking the dog. As we walked through the University of Illinois Chicago campus, I was delighted to see chalk notes on the sidewalks. Of note, many were signed by students and some by entire classes. My how far we have come and yet to go. As in any civil rights campaign – there is much work ahead.

We also commemorate Matthew Shepard – Thirteen years ago Friday, Matthew Shepard was attacked in a brutal hate crime.  Five days later, his young life was cruelly snuffed out by this act of anti-gay hatred. His parents and many others stood up for Matthew and we must continue to do the same – to eliminate hate crimes, bullying and provide the safe space for any one – young or old – gay or not – to stand up for themselves and their lives.

National Coming Out Day also follows the Jewish New Year celebration, including  Yom Kippur – a time of atonement. And an opportunity to start the year fresh, clear of guilt and having asked and received forgiveness for any wrong doings.  A coming clean or coming out ritual of its own.

So today is a good day, an important day. Think on it and then take some action.

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