I remember…..

In no particular order:

  • When roses smelled
  • When playing outside was what kids wanted to do
  • When laying in the sun was mindless – not worrisome
  • When cool bikes were “10 speeds”  and gear shifts were on the frame
  • Telephone party lines, waiting to use the phone at home, no caller ID or voice mail, rotary phones
  • DOS prompts with green characters
  • Having to stand in line for concert tickets
  • PacMan and pinball games
  • Dial up networking with cables
  • When margarine was supposed to be good for you and fat of choice in Cooking Light recipes
  • The “bread machine” was a Kitchen Aid mixer
  • Big box black and white television
  • Boom boxes and typewriters
  • Walking to school, coming home for lunch, recess, blackboards and cleaning chalk filled erasers as well as pen and paper
  • Concrete playgrounds with tether ball, jungle gyms, dodge ball games
  • Muscular Dystrophy Carnivals
  • Walking door to door during political campaigns and stuffing envelopes

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