Millennial Giving – My Thought…..

Margaret at The Fundraising Collective has shared her thoughts on Millennial/Gen Y giving. You can read her post here. It is based on research by Charities Aid Foundation in the UK. The study report reports,

More than half of all donations now come from over-60s, compared to just over one third of donations 30 years ago. And the over-60s are twice as likely to give to charity than the under-30s.

When those of us in our 50’s and 60’s now were under 30 – we were not giving like we give now.  Once, long ago, we were “Gen Y”…..volunteering more time than money and engaging friends without social media.

My thought – any “younger” generation doesn’t have the assets, cash or ability to give as generously as those who have worked for a living or at least more years than a younger generation! Why do we expect the younger generation to do, give, more than we did when we were their age?????????????

That is not to say we don’t engage with them (and any donor) now to build a donor-centric relationship.

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