DC One Year and Counting!

On a lunchtime walk from the Red Cross, I captured MPD on their Clydesdales taking in the leaves and water at a fountain behind the White House.

I can’t believe it’s been exactly one year since FeeBee and I took our drive from chilly Chicago to temperate DC. It has been a wonderful year and looking back still think it was a great move.

DC is a wonderful place to explore. And while only one year in – having spoken to many who have been here for decades, seems we never get tired or bored looking up and seeing the Capitol, Washington Monument, White House…any of the remarkable landmarks here.

And lest you think there is no foodie scene here – think again. So many great restaurants, Top Chefs, great cooks and foodies all abound. I’m doing my best to keep up – and exercise to eat!

Yes and then there is the exercise – who knew I would be the owner of a ROAD BIKE! Seriously who thought I would be riding 30 miles on a Saturday and Sunday morning. And loving it! Let alone riding to work down Pennsylvania Avenue from the the Capitol to the White House. Amazing way to start and end the day let me tell you.

And yes – my work is amazing. My colleagues wonderfully welcoming and so talented. Needless to say – it’s been busy  with Superstorm Sandy striking a week after I started. But I am so fortunate to be working at the American Red Cross and am contributing as much as possible to Chapter Board Fundraising.

So as I reflect on my first year in DC and as we enter the holiday season – I feel doubly blessed and wish you all the best this holiday season and into 2013! Fundraise on!

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