Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams?

Talisman NewsWell I never thought Robin Leach’s famous quote applied to real, working people. But then I realized it doesn’t matter what you wish or dream for – as long as you have wishes and dreams and aspirations and love.

Celebrations in my family happened everyday, simple celebrations – an apple juice toast, special homemade breakfast, baking together (yes many celebrations involved food!) Mom didn’t believe in the “Hallmark Holidays” and wanted us to know we were loved everyday – not just on “special” days. Sure as children we had parties and gifts, but as we grew older it was more about reflection around dreams and wishes than how many gifts and what kind of cake.

And we celebrated life moments or achievements – new jobs, getting into college, overcoming some hurdle after hard work and even failures – “Well what did you learn from that?” Life is about doing your best all the time and learning as you go. Mom was not a perfectionist and didn’t expect it of us.

It is nice getting birthday wishes. Shout outs from friends and family and receiving a card marking the special day. Gifts are nice, but after a certain age – don’t we really have all we really need? And at some point if you really want “it” – you buy it yourself.

For me, I my heart and head are full knowing I have friends who celebrate life with me everyday. Always there to celebrate success and learning moments. My friends are all around the world – and at the drop of an email or phone call – we can be laughing, crying or both at the same time – together.

Celebrate everyday, because it’s the everyday moments, reflections, little things that make a great day, month or year.

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