Historic Storms

Are you hearing the same theme I am?

Hurricane Sandy became Superstorm Sandy – largest storm impacting widest land mass ever. OK tornado2Today, the tornado in Moore Oklahoma today – with wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour is history making and devastating to the families and communities.

The large storm is impacting tens of millions from Texas to the Great Lakes through today and even tomorrow.

OK TornadoThe American Red Cross is providing food, supplies, emotional support and health services for new relief operations across communities in Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa following 28 tornadoes in the last 24 hours, while at the same time providing support to those recovering from last week’s devastating tornadoes in Texas and other flood and fire events.

In addition to the 70,000+ house fires Red Crossers respond to every year they are providing health and safety classes, a safe blood supply and service to our armed forces and their families.

I don’t use this blog to raise money or ask for for help. But I am not ashamed to raise awareness. Yesterday, today and in months past and future, the Red Cross is either preparing communities for resiliency after disaster or responding to the disaster. They do this work with the support of well-trained and passionate volunteers who provide 90% of the trained responders. Of course the generosity of donors makes all this work possible.

As I see the devastation in Oklahoma, read the Red Cross social media feed and receive emails ok tornado3from our  disaster teams in logistics and fundraising – I have an intense sense of pride in our work, my colleagues, donors and volunteers. I have made my gifts to the Red Cross….if you care to join me you’ll make a difference too.

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