My One Year Later

Wow – what a difference a year can make! Many of you know I embarked on a new career at the Red Cross last October focusing on chapter board fundraising.

As I am reminded – no one has done this job at the Red Cross before. 500+ chapters, 7,000+ board members and me providing support, guidance and assistance.

It has been a remarkable year on many levels – including exceeding some goals I set for myself and setting new ones for next year. EVERYDAY I am honored to work with my colleagues at national headquarters and in awe of our colleagues in the field delivering exceptional Red Cross programs and services 365/24/7.

Two weeks after I started, it was a bit of whirlwind when Sandy decided to make landfall in a big way. On a steep learning curve and looking back – I learned about the Red Cross FAST. One year later we are reporting on our work. I remain even prouder of our work, honesty and transparency.  Yep the color red suits me just fine.

All I can say is…..if you can find a place in the nonprofit sector where you can use your talents, learn from your colleagues, be appreciated for your efforts, successes and failures – it is a joy and not a job.

May you find this in whatever you seek in your career.

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