AMAZING Foodie Day Times Four!

My version of Chef Tosi’s Banana Cream Pie – DELISH!

WARNING: This post has NOTHING to do with fundraising……And it has taken me three days to recover!

Many of you know my love of food, cooking, cookbooks, chefs etc. Well, Saturday was a synchronicity of culinary delights and how food brings people together!

It started with the Metro Cooking Show in DC. An annual must attend for me. I love talking to people who have created a new tasty item in their kitchen and are selling or trying to go big. I have met  wonderful people love hearing their stories and tasting their creations.

Christina Tosi
Chef Christina Tosi of Milk Bar

Chef Christina Tosi of Milk Bar fame. I saw her first on the PBS series Mind of Chef showing us how to make banana cream pie. (Sorry didn’t insert the YouTube video – $1.99 from PBS – hey they need your money.)

Side note: This was my birthday “cake” for most of my life. I don’t really care for cake and GrandmaIMG_1904 made me a banana cream pie every year. I LOVED IT…until Chef Tosi.

I read the recipe and made my own (see pic above). And now I know
(five hours later) why it’s $5 a slice and $44 a pie! BUT SO GOOD! You can try it yourself with Chef Tosi’s recipe here.



Sherry Yard
Chef Sherry Yard of iPic Theaters

On my way out, I see a demo starting with Chef Sherry Yard. She is
going to show us how to make strudel! “Because apples are in season.” Well okay show me what you got Chef!

Pulling strudel!



Now I have known about, love and met Chef Yard a few times. Formerly Pastry Chef w Wolfgang Puck and now VP of Culinary Direction and Innovation for IPic Theaters (see next post).

Needless to say she made it look easy and I am adding to my must try to perfect recipe box along with macarons and banana cream pie.

Side note: It’s not all pastry but my gnudi need A LOT of perfecting – seems the baking is easier.

IMG_1934Then on the bike ride home – a great bakery called A Baked Joint with amazing focaccia and Chai tea! Near home! Doesn’t that look DELISH???


We had these crab cakes!!!!!!

As I mentioned, Chef Yard is now designing amazing culinary
experiences at Ipic luxury movie theaters – including N. Bethesda and a restaurant called City Perch. I had planned to take a friend to dinner for her birthday and asked if she would like to give a new restaurant a try? And this dear reader was the penultimate foodie experience. More tomorrow – let’s just say, when Chef Yard comes to your table, sits down and starts ordering dinner – an amazing evening is to be had – food, friends, fabulous conversation.

To be continued……

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