Inspirational – Larke Riemer

Larke-Riemer-and-Hillary-ClintonI have had the great, good fortune of meeting some amazing people since I arrived in Australia. This week, for the first time, I felt like I was back in the USA – not something I was looking for or needed.

Marita O’Callaghan, a colleague at work invited me to attend The Management Club. Not knowing much, the speaker, people or location – I said yes because she invited me.

WOW what a group of women. Corporate, self-employed, newly graduated MBAs. ALL intent on meeting and networking and helping each other. So warm and welcoming – VERY Chicago AND Melbourne!

Then the speaker….I had no idea who Larke Riemer was…… until Monday……and now she is my spirit Goddess…I ask what would Larke do?  As an Australian woman, she has broken every mold or expectation. Created an amazing, successful path for herself AND reached out and down to help others, women and not.

Read what Larke thinks here. She is all about empowering women to be their best selves and created Ruby Connection to do that.

Some Larke-isms

  • A man is not a financial plan.
  • Avoid STD – Sexually Transmitted Debt and the other kind too.
  • Women need to find mentors and sponsors, know the difference and ask for help.
  • There is a female economy – leverage it personally and professionally. Talk about that not “gender issues.”
  • Figure out your personal brand and embrace it.

Larke is confident, positive, passionate, direct and speaks from a place of knowledge and experience. She reminded me of meetings with great women I attended in Washington, DC and Chicago. You could feel the buzz in the air.

The Management Club has a great format of meet and greet over bubbles and apps. Facilitated presentation and discussion over dinner. Worth every minute to not only meet Larke but more than 40 other women all there with open hearts and welcoming smiles.

After a long day, it was a great ending to a Monday and start of the week.


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