Change of Attitude

Look we all need a shot in the arm, slap in the face, knock in the head. I think eight months into a move across the globe – I deserved and needed all of the above at various times. A couple weeks ago I attended a Positivity Workshop hosted by the Brahma Kumaris Centre. It was a great three hours of  ahas, I knew that and making time to stop, breathe and think.I am always practicing, but a good reminder and some new ideas too. Our homework was to use our brain to learn about peace, happiness, heart, stillness. 

In my search I found The Positivity Blog and Henrik Edberg.  Thought I’d henrik14_smallshare this post:

Go Easy on Yourself: 4 Tips to do What Matters in a Self-Kind Way

And on Sunday, Henrik sent this email:

This Sunday I’d like to quickly look back into my past and share a mistake I have made so many times. A habit that held me back in life and I know so many in the world have been negatively affected by this year.

It is a sneaky one that sounds like a good idea but usually just leads to nothing much.

It is to be waiting for just the right time.

I know this one all too well. Maybe you do too.

When you have a dream then it is so easy to get lost in planning how you will accomplish it. To drift away in daydreams about how it will be. But also to get stuck in fears about failing with it.

So you make a common choice and wait – and wait and wait for maybe years – for just the right time to take action and get started with making that dream into something real.

Now, to be realistic, not every dream may be something you can get started with right now. But there are many that you can get going with.

The key here is to make things easy on yourself. You don’t have to dive in with a big and extremely courageous jump. If that was the case then only the bravest people in the world would do and achieve what they want.

Instead, take a small step forward. Take one small action. That is it.

Then tomorrow you can take another small step forward.

The important thing is that you get started and get going instead of spending so much time on just waiting and feeling more and more frustrated and unhappy about the state of your dreams.

Focus on that. And step by step start making this autumn into what you deep down want it to be.

Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!

from Henrik and me……


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