#Givetober is Upon Us! by Zealous Good

Reposted from the Zealous Good blog and written by Kristin, Social Media Manager at Zealous Good. Many thanks to Patti Dudek at Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust for introducing me to Brittany Martin Graunke, Founder and CEO, Zealous Good! (Italics are mine.)

Tell me what you love about October.

Is it the children dressed in costumes they couldn’t possibly understand? The Indian summer? The decorative gourds?

Do you love handing out your grandmother’s pumpkin bread recipe like hot cakes? Going slightly out of your way to step on that crunchy looking leaf? Rediscovering that cardigan in the back of your closet? What is it? All of the above?

Let’s add one more thing to the October pile, it’s a great one. I know you. Get your shovel. You’ll dig this.


HelpAttack!, one of the most wonderfully named social enterprises around, is the magic in the middle of social campaigns that raise money and awareness for a colorful medley of causes across the country. They offer an easy way to help people turn “their social actions into social good”:

Using either your Twitter or Facebook account, you can make a monetary pledge to your favorite cause, giving with each action you take on your preferred social network over a span of 30 days. After 30 days, your actions are tallied, your pledge is calculated and your donation is sent to the nonprofit of your choice. Meanwhile, you can discover new causes to support, collect coins and help your community with every update. HelpAttack! is an effortless way to give to your favorite nonprofits.

And as for #Givetober?

This October, #givetober is a celebration of Austin giving and central Texas causes.  The idea is to get as many people as we can giving a little bit each time the #givetober hashtag appears on Twitter.  Each donor can, of course, set a limit.  You can participate by posting ‘#givetober’ in a Tweet, or by making a pledge and donating, or both!  You don’t need your own Twitter account to give.  Visit http://helpattack.com/powerof/givetober, check it out, and make a pledge! Note from BET: I have done this! It is easy and fun! And I will do it again this month!

Organizations benefiting from the campaign include the American Cancer Society, Austin Humane Society, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, Wikimedia, Lights. Camera. Help., Austin Partners in Education, and many more. It’s so easy to give a little, and a little between the lot of you zealous do-gooders adds up quickly!

Those of you in the Austin area can meet up with the HelpAttack! and #givetober crew on October 19 – details on their Facebook event page!

Enjoy the rest of your month, friends, and be sure to let us know your favorite causes and any other good you might be up to.

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