How #Millennials Make the (Nonprofit) Workplace Better

Thanks to Anna Mahalak, a new nonprofit leader in DC for bringing this article to our attention!  How those spoiled millennials will make the workplace better for everyone

It is a great read in the Washington Post by Emily Matchar. She really hits the nail on the head as to how Millennials are changing the workplace for the better. I have seen all that Emily refers to in many nonprofit organizations.

From the article:

So we could continue to roll our eyes at Gen Y, accuse them of being spoiled and entitled and clueless little brats. We could wish that they’d get taken down a peg by the “school of hard knocks” and learn to accept that this is just the way things are.

But if we’re smart, we’ll cheer them on. Be selfish, Gen Y! Be entitled! Demand what you want. Because we want it, too.

via How those spoiled millennials will make the workplace better for everyone – The Washington Post.

My thoughts about nonprofit workspaces below:

  • Millennials won’t adapt to business as usual offices – and that can be a good thing for all of us.
  • Engaging, meaningful, flexible work is what we all want – Millennials are demanding it.
  • They want, flexibility, autonomy and respect – well who doesn’t? So perhaps we (Boomers and older) need to change our perception of these new workers. The “school of hard knocks” is old school! Why isn’t their opinion any less valuable than ours? Because of age? Well that’s a poor excuse for an engaging workforce.  Just cause your the “VP” or “older” or “in charge” doesn’t mean others on your team have skills, opinions and ideas that may work.
  • According to surveys sited in the article – 50% of GenYers would prefer unemployment than work in a job they hate. Again – who doesn’t but can afford to? I have always said that if you are working in the nonprofit sector – you better love your work and be passionate about the mission.  Part of this challenge is on the workplace to engage employees in the work and mission. Not just assume everyone will figure it out. Oh yes and a good recruiting and hiring process – transparency goes a long way.

Thanks to Anna and Emily for their good thinking and sharing! What do you think about Millennials in the work place?

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