Video – A Walking Talking Case Statement

Not as Daunting as You Might Think

Thanks to guest blogger, Gayle Murphy, Director Digital Media Services, Corporate Disk Company 

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gayle-murphyProducing a two to five minute video conveying your value proposition or marketing message is a great way to tell your story. It’s a multi-sensory medium capturing the hearts and minds of an audience.  It can be as simple as a brief testimonial from a member or client to a short documentary explaining services and key benefits of why or how your organization can make a difference. You can also use it for recruiting volunteers.  If you’re on a limited budget, you can try shooting some basic footage yourself.   Otherwise you may want use the help of a professional production company. 

Web video is becoming mainstream in marketing.  Traditionally video has been used in television ads and DVD direct mail campaigns. Now, with faster broadband connections and content development networks (CDN) in the marketplace, streaming video has entered into the picture. Initially, it didn’t get a lot of attention until 2006 when Google bought YouTube, then the business world started to take notice and viral became a new buzzword.

With video, marketing and communication takes on a whole new meaning.  There are a variety of delivery mediums, the question becomes which ones should I use and what works the best? Obviously, you will get different opinions based on who you ask.   However, a common thread that you may hear is to develop a strategic plan and create a consistent branded message that crosses all platforms. Trying to keep up with technology can be a daunting task. Web 2.0, social media, business networking communities like LinkedIn, Plaxo, Jigsaw, blogs, vlogs, twitter, RSS, SEO and many others.

Since I happen to be in the business of digital media production and streaming video, I thought I’d use a couple of sources to support my observations.

Check out Mal Warwick’s Newsletter Dec 2008  #7 – Using video for online appeals.

The NonProfit Times – April 2008  Video A Key Element in Healthcare Fundraising

Here are a few links to examples showing micro sites, with embedded players or pop ups that can be linked from a website.

maw-il Thank you video


American Red Cross Chicago
American Red Cross Chicago

Red Cross video library


United Way of McHenry County Video

You can reach Gayle at or visit the website at and

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