Raise Awareness for Your Organization

Eight ways to raise awareness without a special event

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So my last couple posts have been about evaluating special events. And I know about the awareness special events can bring to an organization? This post is about other ways, less time intensive and expensive ways, to bring positive publicity to a non-profit.

  1. White paper: Do the research, provide information, conduct a survey specific to the work of the organization. Compile it, print it, host a press conference, post it on the web, twitter and blog about it and distribute it as widely as possible.
  2. mmj028285900001Apply for recognition: There are many opportunities to apply for awards, with and without monetary compensation. Look around your community and on the web. Here are some resources:
    Non Profit Congress – with a list of awards by state
    Direct Marketing Association Non Profit Federation – Organization and Achievement of the Year
    Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations – Leadership awards
    National MultiCultural Institute – Leading Lights Diversity Awards for Nonprofit Diversity Leadership
    The Drucker Institute – Monetary award for making a difference
    Webby Awards – for outstanding non-profit websites
  3. Give recognition: Create or give an award outside of a special event to recognize an outstanding volunteer, donor, staff member, community leader. Hold a press conference. Ask the Mayor to declare it “Organization day” or a day in honor of the person or corporation.
  4. Create a media list: Have it ready, keep relationships going. Invite press to cover events. Send them information. Ask to be a non-profit of record when they need information or a quote. Keep asking, get noticed.
  5. Create a press room: Every non-profit website should a press room. This will have information the press can access whenever they need it, even when the office is closed. Post press releases, fact sheets, information about the organization and leadership.
  6. Speak at meetings: Pro-actively offer to speak at Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary meetings. Become a panelist at community meetings. Advocate for the organization, mission and people.
  7. Respond: Write letters to the editor in response to news, legislation, events impacting the organization and clients.
  8. Collaborate: Work with other non-profit organizations around issues, legislation, events to respond and raise awareness.

 Give these ideas a try. If you are already doing them, share your successes or ideas. If you aren’t yet, make plans to put some in place and work toward applying for some recognition.

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