Recruiting Nonprofit Board Members to Fundraise – Q&A Continued

COLLEEN ASKS: When recruiting nonprofit Board members, and the expectation to fundraise is made clear, what do you say when they ask “How much do you expect from individual Board members?” 

BARBARA ANSWERS:  Thanks for the questions Colleen! We want to inspire Board members to greatness. We encourage Board giving discussions around:

  • Board gifts to the organization should be the one of the top three gifts each Board member makes annually
  • Share with Board members the average Board gift – not the minimum – remember, we want to inspire greatness for them and the work of the organization.
  • Talk about their passion for the mission. Ask what it means to them to serve? They should be willing to provide significant financial support.
  • Be sure to discuss opportunities for matching gifts, planned gifts, capital campaign and event support as well as their ability to reach out and raise money in the community. They need the big picture.

PATRICK ASKS: Should previous giving be a pre-requisite for selection of board members? 

BARBARA ANSWERS: Patrick, I believe successful fund development programs have leaders who give and give generously. While previous giving can be one of many “pre-requisites” for Board service, it is more complicated than that. Like prospecting for major donors, it isn’t about their last gift, but how and when they have supported the nonprofit institution over years and through what means – events, annual fund, capital campaign, monthly giving.  I asked what the easiest path is to creating a Board who gives and raises money? Recruit people who are already donors. So if your goal is to create a Board who supports the institution financially, ONE of the requirements should be the ability to give a gift that represents their leadership and commitment to the nonprofit mission.

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