Ten Fundraising Ideas for 2012

So it’s that time of year – AGAIN! I am really not one for making resolutions and try to make everyday a good day – or try again the next day. Right? We just have to keep trying. I thought I would share some ideas (ok resolutions) I am going to commit to in 2012. Join me and add yours to the list.

  1. Set goals and measurements for using social media to engage prospects and donors. Increase conversion rates in 2012.
  2. Make every opportunity to gather information – including mobile phone and email.
  3. Create truly donor-centric opportunities – to listen, engage, segment communication and create loyal donors
  4. Follow up, follow up, follow up
  5. Engage Board members in fundraising where they are
  6. Create professional development opportunities using the experience of current staff as well as conferences, web and other venues
  7. Create comprehensive, win-win partnerships with corporate donors
  8. Use moves management, update the database and file papers DAILY = clean desk
  9. Call ten donors everyday to say thank you
  10. Have some fun and bring some others along while fundraising!

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