Nonprofit and Fundraising Finds

I have aggregated news and info I have found useful to our work as nonprofit professionals and fundraisers. Please share your resources.

I am a big fan of for-profit best practices. Seth Godin has written a few recently that resonated with me: (Italics mine)

The Best Way to Learn MarketingVolunteer with a nonprofit!
Asymmetrical Trades – We do this in nonprofit work all time.
Advertisings Bumpy TransitionAnd why it matters to your nonprofit integrated communications planning.

Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch took a good look at Google’s study on how we use multiscreens to access information. Critical reading for our nonprofit outreach planning. Read her article If Content is King, Multiscreen is Queen.

Clay Myers-Bowman wrote a great post on the Looming Estate Tax Problem and what to do about it.

Soha El Borno wrote a great blog on Socialbrite about How Crowdsourcing can Help your Nonprofit is a must read.

Beth Kanter noted the scholarship deadline to SXSW is September 14.

Pamela Grow wrote about one of my fav Chicago nonprofits The Cara Program and how they Create a Culture of Philanthropy.

I have posted some great nonprofit, communications and fundraising related infographics on Pinterest. You can access the board here.

Amplify your personal brand through your resume. What do you think of this? Would you review, look, interview a person from a branded vitae? Look at how GiveBrand is doing it for job seekers.

And a great recipe before the peach and nectarine season is completely gone…..I made this and it’s fabulous. Nectarine Lime Curd Tart with a Brown Sugar Crust.

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