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Creating a Board that Fundraises – Continued Q&A

How, when and where does the discussion start and finish about expectations around Board giving and fundraising? Great questions get answers!

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Assessments for the Nonprofit Board – Q&A

Continuing from posts last week – more great questions get answers from Pursuant Ketchum webcast on Creating a Fundraising Board. These center on nonprofit Board nominations and how assessments can help enforce Board terms limits or remove disruptive Board members.

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Creating a Fundraising Board – Q&A Continued

For Board information and resources you can download, check out my website here.

SUE ASKS: Can the Chair of Development (as a trustee on the board) set board expectations in terms of giving? How do you recommend handling board annual giving commitments when many board members are currently paying multi-year campaign pledges?

BARBARA ANSWERS: Sue, this is a great two-part question!

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Without question, the Board members need to hold each other accountable for their personal giving to your nonprofit organization. We believe leadership is essential to creating AND maintain a culture of philanthropy* around the Board table and throughout the organization. At the Board level, the Executive Director, Director of Development and Board Chair MUST be on the same page about engaging and empowering Board members to make their personal annual gift, participating in agency fundraising activities, securing corporate support where appropriate and soliciting major donors. We talk about average gifts and not minimum expected giving. You can download handouts that include a Board pledge form as well as a Board application to serve. These documents are a great place to start the conversation about Board giving and expectations. If your Board has a Development Committee, and not all organizations should or do, the committee and its leader should be involved in this process. If you have a Board of less than 25 people, I would ask, “Why have a Development Committee?” Fundraising is the responsibility of the WHOLE Board – by “giving” responsibility for fundraising to a small committee of the Board – the rest of the Board expects them to take responsibility for it – “So how have you guys been doing with fundraising?” as opposed to everyone feeling their own responsibility for the effort.

BOARD ANNUAL AND CAPITAL CAMPAIGN GIVING: This is a perennial challenge faced by nonprofit organizations in capital campaign mode.  Board members and donors need to be educated about the importance of annual giving before, during and after campaign. A capital campaign does not put the annual giving program on hold – those general operating dollars are as important as the capital campaign effort!

We must treat Board members like the major donors they are or should be. Annual giving has its name for a reason. We revisit, cultivate and solicit these donors and their generosity once a year. The same should be done for Board members. And this does not mean the Board Chair stands up at one meeting and tells the Board it’s time to make their annual gift.  We would never solicit major donors that way.  The handouts included pledge forms for Board members to complete annually. It should be a one on one conversation between the Board member, Executive Director and Board Chair.

So that leads to your question about Board members with outstanding campaign pledges. It is a good time to sit down one on one and have a conversation about the campaign. In addition, it is an opportunity to separate the long-term impact of the campaign and how the annual or general fund is an important part of the organizations’ ongoing fundraising.  A capital campaign often raises the level of giving from individual donors and I expect this may be the case for your organization. While the Board members’ campaign pledges may be stretch gifts, a separate annual gift during the pledge payment period I still expected. Alternatively a portion of the campaign pledge can be assigned to the annual fund – but will lower your campaign total accordingly.  The bigger opportunity is raising the level of annual giving overall and certainly from your Board members.  Accept a gift, $1,000-$2,500, for each Board members’ annual gift. However, when the campaign pledge is paid, the annual pledge amount or half the pledge amount will become the Board members’ annual fund contribution. You will lose a valuable opportunity the capital campaign offered, but allowing Board members to move backward in their financial support once the capital campaign is completed. As I said in the beginning – this is all about leadership – setting an example and pace for your organizations fund development.

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Creating a Board that Fundraises – Part 1 – Q&A

I was honored to facilitate a webcast on this topic. As a follow up, we took the questions from the session and I have answered them here. This is the first installment of Q&A from the webcast. Look for more in future blog posts. The big question is how to engage and empower Board members to fundraise? This begins with a solid recruitment, orientation and on-boarding process.

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Giving USA 2011 Report – How will you use it?

Fundraising professionals and some savvy donors know this report is published every June and adjusted in October. This year the report has received much press coverage from front page to page 2 in newspapers nationwide. Our donors and volunteers are reading about this report RIGHT NOW!

I know the statistical analysis is filling the blogs and news. While the statistics, look backs and information are interesting – it is how you use the information that really makes it a useful cultivation and solicitation tool. Here are some ideas…

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Q & A: Nonprofit Board Fundraising

I was pleased to facilitate a webcast on getting your Board fundraising. There were great folks participating and some questions I thought I would share. Perhaps you have these same questions or others? Links to resources and podcast are included in the post!

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Learning from my Fundraising Colleagues

I had the great opportunity to facilitate workshops on creating a development plan for the new economy. Focus was the word of the day. Working with the human and financial resources we have, everyone needs to develop a plan they can implement with FOCUS!

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Nonprofits! Declare Your Fundraising Independence!

If your nonprofit is reliant on a single funder or a few generous donors, it is time to diversify your income and declare your fundraising independence! Building your capacity to raise money is critical to serving your community long-term and being a good steward of your donors’ investment.

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Trouble with a Board Member?

How we work with challenging Board members makes us better nonprofit managers. Right? Well, maybe, sometimes. The bottomline is we will have challenges with our Boards, it’s how we deal with the challenge that makes us better nonprofit professionals.

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Don’t Meddle – Don’t Manage – Just Govern (and raise money!)

Could and should we put this at the top of our Board job descriptions? On the cover page of our Board handbook?
We are responsible for the Board members we have. Board members micro-manage when we don’t focus their energies and attention where we want them.

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