Tweetathon – Part 1

Tweetathon – No Punctuation! 140 characters or less!
Part 2 in few! Stay tuned.

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Last month, CARE International launched their Tweetathon!  

Partnering with their long time event company, NMC Fathom, CARE launched a four-day campaign in conjunction with International Women’s Day and the screening of A Powerful Noise. Shown in 450 cities nationwide, everyone and anyone was asked to tweet #apowerfulnoise.

NMC Fathom donated 10 cents for every tweet. They raised $2,800 from 28,000 tweets in three days.  Money raised went to CARE’s program to empower marginalized women and girls in the third world.

Let’s Discuss-Viability  Impact  Awareness

CARE is an international organization that has the ability to support a film, partner with NMC Fathom events and through them reach 450 theaters on one day.  Oh and CARE has its own social networking siteCARE Connections. So maybe not the typical non-profit tweetathon, but it was a first of its kind where tweeters were not asked to contribute money…just tweets.

Measuring blog and twitter impact is a challenge. CARE’s tweetathon can be measured in two ways. 28,000 tweets in 3 days is still a lot of tweets on one topic. Could you call that viral tweeting? And remember, every Tweeter reaches all their followers and it keeps going (retweets?).  $2,800 isn’t ALOT of money, but the impact can’t be measured only in dollars and cents. 

Help Spread Congenital  Heart Defects AwarenessAnother tweetathon…Heart Kids Tweetathon

Dr. Mani launched his annual fundraiser six years ago to raise awareness about congenital heart defects and money for surgery for children in need.  Heart Kids started as a blog-a-thon. Dr. Mani blogged 24 hours.  In six years he has raised more than $120,000. In 2008 he moved from blogging to 24 hour tweeting! Look for his tweetathon in September!


Share your tweetathon thoughts. 

Thanks to AFP Chicago for hosting a program on Marketing in a Virtual World and their speakers:
Dylan Easley, Illinois Institute of Technology
Ken Glowienke, Focus on a Cure for Parkinson
Betsy Harman, Harman Interactive, LLC
Kathy Lane, CARE

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