An Open Letter from a Corporate Partner

Dear Director of Development,

As you know, 2009 was a tough financial year for our company. We are doing all we can to stay in business, keep our employees employed and customers engaged.

While we were unable to continue our financial partnership with you, we were surprised not to hear from you since the day we declined to return as a sponsor. We know you are busy, but were hoping you would have kept us informed of your work during these challenging times.

Had you been in touch, you would have known we have changed our giving and corporate social responsibility programs to better respond to the new economy and engage our employees and consumers. To that end we are:

  • Giving employees up to five paid days off to volunteer
  • Organizing two days of service per year that will involve all employees
  • Increasing our matching gifts to 1:1 from ½:1
  • Implementing a Dollar for Doers Program: Contributions will be made to organizations where our employees serve more than 50 hours in a year
  • Actively seeking opportunities for our staff to serve on nonprofit Boards
  • Connecting our employee skills to nonprofit projects
  • Implementing a Green program to increase recycling and reduce our negative impact on our environment

All of this information has been posted on our website. But since we had not heard from you in a long time, despite our many years of partnership, we thought we would write to let you know. We have been pleased by the partnerships we have been able to maintain or start despite the economy and because of our new focus.

We hope your organization is continuing to serve the community and wish you the best in your work.


Your Former Corporate Partner

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter from a Corporate Partner

  1. Well said! I read an interesting article awhile back on a similar subject. It had to do with an annual gala (non-profit) in NYC post-financial disaster. One non-profit invited many former donors- who had been in the banking industry but were recently out of work- to their annual gala free of charge.

    These out of work financial industry individuals came for the opportunity to network and be seen.

    The idea was that they would recover, find new jobs and be donors at some point in the future- Just as companies will- The goodwill that non-profit gained will pay back I am sure. It was the right thing to do, pay back or no! These are extra ordinary times; be extra ordinary!

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